The most important thing in life is that you know who you are.

You can’t be a total unknown.

That’s the way you make the world go round.

You need to be able to identify with who you really are.

When you do that, you’ll never feel lonely or alone.

So if you’re trying to be a better friend, you should take a moment to look at who you’re talking to and make sure you’re sharing a common purpose with them.

You might even feel like you’re doing something right, like helping your friend achieve a goal, or helping them to do something they can’t do alone.

But if you look at your interactions with them, you might find that they’re being a little too open to you, and they’re not giving you what you want.

Take a moment and try to figure out what’s the most important to you.

That might be a friend who’s willing to help you out or a new business you’re building, or even a family member.

And if you find that one person who you trust enough to talk to and not be selfish about it, that’s a great friend. 

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