Now Playing: Why I started using the iPhone X for work Now Playing:’I thought it was just a little too expensive’: Apple says iPhone X price will rise by $100 Now Playing’: ‘It’s hard to make a living doing what you love’: How one startup made it big from podcasting Now Playing’Buddy, Buddy: Why the podcasting app’s new CEO says he’s proud of his team Now Playing”If you can afford it, I’ll go to it.”

– From a letter to Apple CEO Tim CookNow Playing: The perfect smartphone for a professional who’s looking for a better lifeNow Playing’I have a wife, three kids and a dog’: The perfect car for a mother who has to workNow Playing:’Why I stopped watching podcasts on the phone’ – The Daily Show with Trevor NoahNow Playing’: Trump on the rise, Trump on Twitter: The new Trump is on the same pageNow Playing”I think it’s the most beautiful piece of technology that has ever existed.

It is so smart.

I think it is going to change the world.”

– from a letter in response to the Apple WatchNow Playing, ‘The Apple Watch is the greatest gadget in the world’: What you need to knowNow PlayingFrom ‘Buddy’ to ‘Bucket’: How Buddy’s startup changed the way we listenNow PlayingWatch: What’s next for Tim Cook after Apple’s biggest fall yet?

Now PlayingWhat Apple Watch ‘Buck’ will costNow PlayingApple CEO Tim Tim Cook has told a Washington audience that his company is building “the greatest gadget ever” for a smartphone-obsessed world.

The iPad Pro is the first Apple device to have the touchscreen OLED display on the back, but the company’s smartwatch is set to become the most powerful watch ever made.

In a keynote speech Tuesday, Tim Cook said he wants to make the AppleWatch “the most beautiful gadget ever.”

He said the company will have a device with a 3,000-mile battery life and “the best design in the history of technology.”

“The best thing we can do for our users, in my opinion, is to be as focused as we can be,” Cook said.

He said “the iPhone is the best product ever” because it allows you to do things you can’t do on your phone.

Cook said the iPhone has “never been more relevant.”

He talked about the fact that the iPad Pro, the latest iPad with a touch screen, has a battery life of “five to 10 years.”

“We want to make sure we’re making the best possible product for our customers,” he said.

The CEO said the Apple watch is the most important product to his company.

“It’s not a product for people who want to do something that they’ve never done before,” Cook told the audience.

Cook also discussed the Apple Music subscription service and the new “smart phone” Apple is making.

“The iPhone has never been more useful,” Cook added.

“The iPad is great.

The iPhone is a good product.”

Watch: Apple CEO says Apple Watch has ‘the best’ designNow PlayingNew ‘smart phone’ Apple is creating a new “buddy” for the Apple ecosystemNow PlayingiPhone X specs: AppleWatch’s 3,200mAh battery is much smaller than the iPad Plus and iPhone 8PlusNow Playing Apple Watch Series 3 is out, and the Apple Store has a whole lot of dealsNow PlayingThe latest iPhone 8S review: Apple’s new, more powerful model finally hits storesNow PlayingWhy Apple Watch owners are skipping the iPhone Now PlayingWatch ‘Bucker’ on sale for $1,000 and upNow PlayingA new iPhone 8 is coming to stores in the US and Canada.

Apple Watch sales have fallen to a six-year low.

Apple is expected to report its third-quarter earnings on Wednesday.


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