How to watch CBS News and the new podcast on the Apple TV

CBS News host Charlie Rose said Apple TV owners can now listen to the new CBS News app on their TV using the AppleTV app.CBS News is a streaming media company that streams news, sports and current events from CBS News Network.

AppleTV users can also access the CBS News apps on their AppleTVs.

Rose said he was not surprised AppleTV owners could now watch CBS news on the new Apple TV.

“You don’t get to do that with the iPad, right?” he asked.

“But you get to watch the CBS app on your AppleTV.”CBS News will stream CBS News on Apple TV for two weeks after the new app launches, the company said.

The new app will allow AppleTV to stream CBS news in HD and SD resolutions.

Apple says the new apps will also provide access to CBS news and live streaming feeds for ABC, NBC,, CBS Sports Network, CBS Interactive and CBS News.