What to play on your own podcast?

You can listen to a podcast, stream it on a mobile device, or play it from your computer. 

Here are the most popular podcasts for you to get started:   Airedale  Episode 0 – The Airedale Podcast  Episode 1 – The Good Morning Australia Podcast Episode 2 – The Newsroom Podcast     The Good Morning Podcast is an hour-long radio show that features news, interviews, interviews and more.

It’s the #1 podcast on iTunes and the #4 podcast on the  Podcast Of The Day app.

You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

Airedales podcast is available on Apple devices, including Mac, PC and Android. 

You can watch the entire podcast, or start your own episode on your phone or tablet. 

 If you are using an iOS device or Android device, you can subscribe through the Apple Podcast app on your device or podcast app of choice.

 The podcast is currently available in 24 languages.

The podcast was created by The Good Manners podcasting team, which also has the  Aged Me Podcast.

The podcast is hosted by a man who is a bit of a podcasting legend. 

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Listen to the  The Good Morning Australia Podcast episode below.