How to get a music video out of a YouTube post, even if it’s not your idea of an ‘interesting’ video

By Olivia Dyer-Bryant | 07 April 2016 08:17:22If you are thinking of making a music videos, you probably don’t want to make them on a whim.

Instead, you want to try and make it into something you are proud of, and a good one at that.

If you do that, you are probably going to get an interesting response.

But how do you get that response?

And, more importantly, how do those reactions affect your video?

It can be tempting to just go with the flow and do it on your own, but that’s not how things work.

A great example of this is the YouTube music video for “Dance” by Kanye West.

It was made with the help of one of his producers, DJ Yung, who made a video with the song, “Famous”.

Yung had a few ideas about the song’s chorus, but he didn’t really want to do a full remix.

In his remix, he changed the beat and added lyrics to the song.

When people saw it, they loved it and said it was very interesting.

They were excited about the idea that Kanye West was doing a music mash-up, and they were really into it.

However, when Kanye saw the remix, his response was “I think you’re a little bit cheesy.”

His response was that he wanted the original lyrics, and that he thought it was a good idea to use his song.

However, when the remix came out, people weren’t happy about the original.

They thought that Kanye didn’t know what he was doing, and he didn´t give a lot of credit for it.

Kanye was upset about this, because he had thought about this song for so long and he had a great idea of what he wanted it to sound like.

The response from Yung was that it was his song and he wasn´t doing anything crazy.

But then the response came from other people.

They saw the video and thought it sounded amazing, and were happy to use it.

That really helped Yung to understand that he wasn’t messing around with the original, and was actually doing something really cool.

The response also helped Kanye to understand why people liked it, and why people didn’t.

As you can see, the reaction from Yngs video really helped him understand the feelings of the people who liked it.

As he was working on the remix that Kanye was doing for the video, Yung also came up with some really cool ideas, and it gave Kanye a lot more confidence.

Kanye loved the video.

He loved it!

Kanye loved it.

He loves it!

This is a perfect example of how you need to think about what is a good video and what isn’t.

Kanye had some ideas, but they didn´ t work for him.

So, he made a new one.

Kanye liked it a lot.

Then, when people saw that, he realized he wasnít messing around.

Kanye wanted to make a video that he could be proud of and that people could be excited about.

He was just using his song for the purposes of making it his own.

He wanted to create something that he was proud of.

But people thought it wasn’t his song, so he didnít give credit for that.

Kanye decided that he didn’ t like the song enough, and wanted to change the lyrics, but it was still his song to be proud about.

This video is a great example, because Kanye had a good reaction to it.

He liked the idea of a mash-ups, and said that he liked the way it was written.

He loved that the original lyric was the only thing in the video that people didní t like.

Kanye also liked the original song and thought that it sounded awesome.

People thought it had some really good lyrics, so it was definitely something he liked.

The video did really well, and went on to make millions of views.

But he didn�t give anyone credit for the work he did.

Instead of giving credit, he said that the video was a collaboration between himself and Yung.

This is another example of what is and isn’t a good YouTube video.

There were many videos where people were really excited about a mash up, but the music was so bad that they thought it would be a poor video.

Instead they liked it because of the original music.

The people that liked the video thought that they did a great job of remixing the song and making it something that they were proud of as a fan.

However that was actually just the result of a bad video that was poorly done.

It didníT work on them.

That was Kanyeís mistake, and there are many other videos where the original video didníte work, and people liked the mash up better because they liked the song better.


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