Video by Vice News –, and all have now officially launched a new product, the MP3 player called the MP2.

It’s called the Amazon MP2, but it doesn’t actually sound like a player.

Instead, it’s a device with a unique fingerprint reader, a built-in fingerprint scanner, and a Bluetooth connection.

It also has an Alexa-enabled speaker.

The MP2 is the first new Android device to officially be launched from Amazon, as the company has been building its own streaming media ecosystem since its acquisition of Beats Music in 2018.

It has been compatible with Google’s Chromecast-enabled streaming media devices since 2018, but the company said it is working on other streaming media platforms for its Android device lineup, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon’s Fire Phone.

It has also been compatible for Apple devices running the upcoming iOS 10 operating system, which is expected to ship later this year.

The device supports all the streaming audio formats supported by Amazon’s own streaming music service, including AAC, FLAC, and MP3.

It will also support Google’s own Google Music, which has been added to Amazon’s Music app and has been available for more than a year now.

However, Amazon’s streaming media platform is not officially supported by Google’s app for Android, so you won’t be able to stream music from Google Play Music to the MP4 player.

While the MP6 has been supported by all streaming media formats for Android devices, it was only supported on Google’s Android devices.

In 2018, Amazon launched the MP7 streaming media player, which was supported by Apple and Spotify, as well as Chromecast.

But Apple’s Apple TV and Chromecast are also compatible with the new MP2 device, which supports all audio formats, including FLAC.

Amazon’s MP2 will also be available from Apple, Roku and Amazon Fire devices in the future.