How to use the best zing player app for all your music needs

The Zing player, one of Apple’s most successful music apps, is back with a new version.

The Z2 version has been released and it looks like the app is worth downloading.

The new version of the app has many of the same features as the older one, including the ability to quickly stream music from iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify, and the ability for the Z2 to stream music stored on a Mac or Windows PC.

The app also includes a new feature called “Quick Sync,” which lets you quickly sync your favorite songs from your computer with a Z2.

While the app’s interface is much like the old one, the new version has a more streamlined look.

The only other notable change is the addition of a new tab that lets you access your albums and playlists from the Z1.

If you are using the Z3, you’ll have to switch to the new interface and find the Z app in the menu bar.