Apple has been using iOS 7’s new audio codec, AAC, to provide playback of its music apps, including its new iPhone and iPad music players.

But on Wednesday, Apple revealed that its own MP3-encoding app would not be coming to the iOS 7 software update.

Instead, Apple is instead adding support for an upcoming Apple-branded voice-recording app called Apple’s Audio Recorder, according to a new post on the company’s developer site.

“Apple Audio Recorders for iOS have been a huge success for us, and we’re excited to bring them to iOS 7,” Apple said in the post.

“With an audio recording experience that’s optimized for audio quality and audio playback, the new Audio Records for iOS will offer even more of what you’ve come to expect from Apple.”

Apple’s Audio Recordings for iOS comes in two flavors: iPhone and Apple Watch.

iPhone users will get a free iPhone app for recording audio and sending it to Apple Music.

Apple Watch users will also get a full-fledged Apple Music app.

Both the iPhone and the Apple Watch apps will come preinstalled on iPhones.

Apple’s iOS 7 update is due in the next few days, with iOS 8 expected to follow.

Apple is also working on a new voice-over-text assistant, dubbed Siri, that will offer the same voice-recognition features as its iOS 7 and 8 apps.