How to install bluetooth speaker from an iOS device using a USB OTG cable

By default, your iPhone or iPad has Bluetooth support for connecting to your Bluetooth speakers via a USB port on your computer.

The easiest way to use your iPhone’s Bluetooth speakers is to connect them via USB OTGs (Universal Toaster Terminal) to your computer via a Bluetooth hub.

Using the built-in Bluetooth hub, you can easily set up a USB cable for your Bluetooth speaker.

If you don’t have a USB hub, or have a device that is a USB Hub, you will need to use the included USB OTGB (Universal OTG Bridge) to connect your Bluetooth devices.

If your device has a USB adapter, then you can connect it using a PC using the USB OTGA (Universal Plug and Play Adapter) that comes with the Apple TV, Apple TV Remote, and the AppleTV Mini.

With this guide, you’ll install the Bluetooth drivers on your iOS device, connect your device to your Mac via USB, and set up the OTG for your device.


Open your iTunes or iTunes App Store.


Click on the Devices tab.


Click the Device icon and select an iOS Device.


Select an USB Hub from the list of devices that appear.


Click Install Now.


If the install is successful, your device will reboot.


After the device reboots, tap the Settings icon to access the Device Setup screen.


Click Add a USB Adapter to your iOS Device and enter your device’s name.

Click Next to confirm the device name.


Next, select the USB Hub you installed earlier.


Next to the device, click Connect.


Click Close to exit the device setup.


Your iOS device will now automatically connect to your PC via USB.

Note: This tutorial is intended for the iPhone or iPod Touch 5th generation and older.

For a newer version of the iOS devices, follow the instructions below.

For older versions of the devices, see Apple Support.

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