A few weeks ago, Marotta’s wife, Andrea, was hospitalized.

They were both suffering from the flu.

It took her over two weeks to recover.

The singer told the crowd that he would not stop singing.

He said that he could not be stopped from singing and that his wife was lucky to be alive.

But it’s true.

You cannot stop me.

Andrea Marotta is a legend in Italy.

She is the mother of two daughters, an Italian national and an Italian citizen.

She has been performing since she was 14.

She also sang in Italy and abroad.

Andrea was a great fan of Giuseppino Marotta and her wife, a famous singer, Marcella.

Her husband was a famous entertainer in Italy, and Andrea Marotto is the most well-known musician in the country.

Andrea also said that she was lucky that she could sing in her home country.

Giuseppo Marotta has been the best singer in Italy since the 80s.

Andrea said that when Giuseppa died, she did not want to sing at all.

It was hard to find her voice.

She asked for her death to be postponed.

Marcello Marotta, Giusepi’s son, told the media that the family was happy that he was able to take over Andrea Marotas music.

Giuseso Marota died in 2006, but the family has been living with him for many years.

His brother and Paolo Marotta are still doing their best.

Andrea is also performing and has the highest sales of all the Marota siblings.

The Marotacas are now in their 80s, but Andrea is still in her prime.

Andrea has been doing great things.

Her new album is an important step in her career.