New iPad mini review.

The iPad mini, officially unveiled in May, is a tablet that’s been in the works for a while, with the iPad mini 2 and the iPad Pro expected to arrive in the fall.

But we’ve already seen what happens when the new mini is launched on a regular basis.

Apple announced the mini on May 10, with a launch price of $999.

It was announced with a massive announcement trailer, and the mini was officially revealed in the UK and in the US on May 17.

But the mini itself isn’t ready for primetime just yet.

Apple has now released a video of the mini’s launch on June 7, which was a bit surprising to many.

The video shows off the mini in action and shows off how its design has been tweaked, with iPad mini 4s being replaced by a slightly thinner iPad mini 5.

However, the iPad Mini 5 was also announced last week, so it’s still a very small iPad mini in a very large iPad mini.

The video shows that the new tablet has two display modes.

One is a “classic” mode, where you get a standard screen.

The other is a multitasking mode, which has a lot of options for how you can customize the screen to do different things.

You can have the iPad running a slideshow on the side of the screen, for example, or turn it into a gamepad or even a keyboard.

The iPad mini itself also has a dedicated multitasking screen, but it’s just a normal display.

Apple also has the ability to show different apps side by side, which is something the iPad has always been able to do.

For example, the new Apple TV also has multiple apps side-by-side, and is available on multiple different platforms.

However on the new Mini, you’ll only see one app.

That’s because the new model is going to be completely redesigned.

The new iPad Mini is said to have the best touchscreens in the market, and its displays are more comfortable to hold than previous iPads.

This new tablet, with all of the changes that Apple has made, should be a better-looking device overall, and hopefully a much more convenient tablet.