Fox News, The Daily Beast: ‘I’ve Got A Feeling This Is The End’

Fox News host Chris Wallace took to Twitter on Thursday to give his latest update on the investigation into the leaking of Hillary Clinton emails, which he said is “the end of this.”

Wallace was asked by a reporter why he thinks it’s possible for anyone to leak confidential information, particularly after the FBI concluded that the Democratic presidential nominee’s server was compromised.

Wallace responded by saying, “I’ve got a feeling this is the end of all this.”

“I’ve always been a little bit more skeptical of leaks.

I’m still a little skeptical.

I have been for a long time, but this is a different time,” he added.”

This is just a different situation.

And I think it’s a new low, a new level of hypocrisy, because what they have done is they’ve put all of these people in prison for a crime they didn’t commit,” he said.”

I think it makes it even more, I think, the level of corruption in this country.”