It’s a bit late for the birthday party, but if you have any friends in the party, here’s what you need to do.1.

Start your new mp4 player.

You’ll want to get one of the newer ones.

If you’re buying a cheap one, go with a good quality one.

The ones you’ll be using most will be the ones that come with a free USB port.2.

Turn off the music player.3.

Start the new mp1.

Go to your mp4 folder and create a folder for your new MP4.4.

Open the new MP1.mp4 and choose the “New MP4” option.5.

Wait for your MP4 to download.

The file will download to your computer.6.

Make a new folder in your new folder for the new playlist.7.

When the new folder is finished downloading, click on the “Add New Folder” button in the top right corner of the MP1 window.8.

In the new menu, choose “MP1” from the list of options.9.

Choose the name of the new song.10.

Make sure that “New Song” is selected.

You will need to create a new playlist for this song.11.

Click the “Play” button at the top of the playlist.12.

Once you’ve done this, you will be able to listen to the new songs in your MP1 playlist.13.

When you’ve finished listening, you can start playing the new music.

This is how it should look like in your mp3 library: