Amazon is the latest company to announce its new MP3 player.

The streaming device will be available in three different price points, starting at $99 and going up to $149.

The MP3 playback player is compatible with both Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s Echo devices, but not Amazon’s own Echo speaker.

This is a significant departure from the recent Echo lineup, which is often priced at $199 for a standalone device.

Amazon’s new Playback will be able to record MP3 files in 1080p HD and play them back in any format supported by the device.

The company says that the device will also play audio in the cloud, as well as stream music via its Music Unlimited service.MP3 Player for Windows and MacOSXThe device is compatible for both Windows and macOS.

The Windows version is available now and will cost $49, while the MacOS version will be priced at around $79, according to Amazon.

The Playback also comes with a “Music Unlimited” service, which offers up to eight free songs.

Amazon says the Music Unlimited subscription can be canceled at any time, but you’ll need to sign up for the service once you purchase the device in order to cancel.MP4 Player for Linux and AndroidThe Playback can also play MP4 files in full-HD and 1080p.

There is a one-year subscription to Music Unlimited that allows you to add up to six free songs to your library, but Amazon says you’ll have to pay for each song in order for the subscription to expire.

The device also comes in a “music store,” which allows you purchase music directly from the music store, and then stream it to your phone via Spotify or Pandora.

Amazon also said it will be adding support for the new MP4 player to the Playback device for Android, though it hasn’t announced any plans to do so.

The new MP5 player, which can also playback MP4s in HD, will cost around $60.


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