I bought a box of headphones and they sound better than the $30 headphones I got at Wal-Mart

The next time you see an ad for a new headphones, try to look for one that comes with a free pair of earphones.

If you buy a pair of headphones at Walmarts online store, you’re missing out on a potentially great product if it’s not a pair with an active noise cancelling earpiece.

That’s the idea behind the $10,000 Audiosmart headphones, a Kickstarter campaign that aims to raise $10 million in funding by September.

The company says it’s looking to get its headphones to the mass market as early as 2019.

“The first AudiosMart headphones were designed for our customer base and we are proud to have them in their arsenal,” says Michael Stump, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Audiosmiths.

The startup says it’ll have two sizes of headphones available for $40, $80, and $130, with the $130 version offering “great sound, features and versatility.”

The company is aiming for a mid-range price point, as well as some features that might not be possible in the $20 to $30 range.

The Audios Mart headphones are designed to sound like a pair, but the company says the headphones have a “headband effect” that “contributes to better acoustic performance and clarity of sound.”

You can also change the volume of the earphones with the touch of a button.

The headphones have been available for purchase for the past few months on the Audios mart site, and the campaign says it has raised nearly $6,000.

If Audiosmars backers can hit their goal, the company plans to release a few more pairs of headphones in the next few months.

“This is a great opportunity to make a real difference for our customers,” Stump said.

“Audiosmart is the first retailer to offer a full range of premium audio solutions in a very affordable price.”

The startup also says it plans to sell the headphones in its own stores, as a gift.

The $15,000 goal of the campaign is the minimum for a pair to make it to the shelves.

The campaign has raised almost $12,000, and if its goal is reached, the $25,000 level will get the headphones on the shelves in time for Christmas.

The next step is for Audiosms backers to pledge $100,000 to a new campaign that will fund the development of new models.


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