I’ve been wanting to do something with my Amazon Echo since it came out, and it’s finally time to finally do it! 

The device is already an impressive piece of hardware, and Amazon is clearly making it easier for us to get into the world of music playback with a number of Alexa skills. 

The company announced today that it has built a feature called “Listen and Listen Now,” which can be used to control your Amazon Echo through a simple voice command. 

It works on the Echo’s Home screen, and lets you play music on your phone or other devices that support a microphone. 

But the feature is a little more powerful than what we’ve seen on other devices, and comes with some nice tricks that are really useful for music playback. 

You can ask Alexa to play the song or album you’re listening to, play it from the web, or just play it through the Amazon Alexa app.

It’s also worth noting that the Echo is actually capable of doing a lot of other things, including controlling the home speaker, listening to music, controlling the power on your TV, and playing podcasts. 

We’ll talk about how to use this feature in a bit, but for now, here’s what you can do with it.

First, let’s talk about the Home screen.

While the Home page shows a list of all of the things you can control through the Echo, it doesn’t show up in the Alexa app when you use the “Listen” function. 

To get the Home Screen, you need to click on the Home button, select “More” from the menu, then choose “Alexa Home.”

The Home screen has an impressive array of options, including a search bar, a playlist, and an album player. 

I find that the search bar is a really handy feature for searching, and can make it much easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re trying to find a particular song. 

For example, if you’re searching for the song “I’m Yours,” the search box will pop up with all of your favorite artists listed, and you can then click on each artist’s name to get to their profile. 

Alternatively, if I were to search for “Racoon,” my search bar would pop up a little differently, with a few artists listed in alphabetical order. 

When you do this, the music will play, and if you hit the play button, the song will play automatically.

You can also set a playlist by pressing the “Play” button. 

There are also several other handy “Listen Now” options that you can use, including one that lets you search for a song on your device or from your Amazon Music library, one that shows what music apps are playing at the time, and one that allows you to set the volume for your phone when it’s in “Auto” mode. 

All of these are nice additions, and I find myself really enjoying these new options on the device.

The second feature that’s a little trickier is “Listen now” itself.

Once you have the Home app open, you can add a new “Listennow” action to the Home menu.

This is where you can ask Amazon to play a specific song or track on your Echo, or let it play it on any other device connected to the Echo. 

What this does is it shows a little “listening” bar on the bottom right of the Home App. 

This is an “Alexamax” button, which shows all of Alexa’s Alexa skills, like how to play music, control the Home speaker, or search for specific music. 

If you press this, Alexa will play a list or list of tracks from your music library on the left side of the screen, which you can access by pressing up or down arrows. 

These tracks are stored in the “Alexams Music Library” folder, so you can always get back to them later on. 

On the right side of your Home app, you’ll see a button called “Play Now.” 

Once you’ve pressed the “play now” button on the “listen now” section, the Amazon Music app will begin to play. 

Here’s what the playlist looks like on the Amazon Home screen: The app will show you the songs currently playing on your Home screen at any given time, as well as any songs in your library that are currently playing, and the play buttons for each song.

The Play Now button will also show you a list that includes the current track you are listening to on the right, along with the volume of the music playing at that time. 

Finally, there’s the “Pause” button to the left of the play bar.

When you press the “pause” button here, the app will pause the current song you’re currently listening to for you, so that you don’t have to press the play again


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