Canada’s biggest video app, CIELO, will bring online video to Canadians in 2018

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has approved a plan to bring online streaming video to Canadian homes.

The decision by the CRTC comes amid a surge in online video sales as more people are watching videos online and consumers turn to devices like Roku to stream movies and TV shows.

“In 2018, consumers will increasingly be able to stream their favorite shows and movies on any device that supports the open Internet, including the CRT’s CIELOS™ video platform,” the CRC said in a statement.

“With this launch, CIELS™ video streaming will be available in more than 100 markets across Canada.”

As well, CIels™ video service will be compatible with more than 80 devices, including tablets, smartphones, PCs and streaming media players.

The CRTC has approved the sale of CIELS products to the public for up to five years, subject to certain restrictions, including that the service be made available to Canadian residents, that customers not be used for advertising and that the videos are not “harmful to the health or welfare of the public.”

The company said it would offer streaming video from a range of sources, including television, radio, cable and satellite services, mobile applications, and streaming video services.

The service will cost $99 per month.

CIELOs video streaming service will also be available for the next year at no additional cost to CIELos customers.CIELOs is the second company to enter the Canadian market.

In January, Canada’s Telus Corp. announced a deal with CIELoS to bring its video streaming and messaging app to the country.

The company is currently in discussions with CIELS to launch its video service in the country in 2019.


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