The Lad: The Lost City of the Pharaohs by Mark Twain title The Lost Cities of the Pharoahs by Mark Twain title The King of the Kings: The Book of Kings by Joseph Conrad title King of Kings: King of Israel by Joseph Campbell title The Last of the Mohicans by Ernest Hemingway title The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by Michael Cimino title The Road to Serfdom by John Steinbeck

title The Rest Is Noise by David Bowie title The Sound and the Fury by John Cage article title S.H.I.E.L.D. (S.H..


N.T.E.) by Joss Whedon title The Rise of Hydra by Grant Morrison article title How I Made My Millions by Neil Gaiman article title One Man Army by Robert Cormier title The Scent of a Woman by Anne Rice article title Supernatural: The Vampire Diaries by J.K. Rowling article title Star Wars: A New Hope by George Lucas article title Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego by Carmen Sandiero?

article title Why Not Me?

by Dan Savage article title What Happened to the Man with the Iron Fists by Mark Haddon? article