A new gadget from Apple is proving to be an important contender in the MP3 audio market, with a new competitor coming to the Mac market this year.

Mac users in the UK will have access to a new Mac mini with the new Apple Audio Converter, which is a full-fledged audio player and a plug-in replacement for the Mac mini.

The new Mac Mini Audio Converters come with a range of built-in audio players including a full range of Apple’s popular MP3 players, the Apple Mac mini, Mac Mini Pro, and Mac Mini iMac.

A range of other features such as a 3D touch screen, an improved touchpad, and a microphone jack have also been added.

According to MacRumors, the Mac Mini is also compatible with the latest Mac OS X El Capitan, making it a perfect Mac for anyone who wants a full MP3-capable Mac.

As with all Macs, Mac mini owners will be able to use the Converter to stream their music files from their iCloud or iTunes account.

The Apple Audio converter also comes with a 3-axis head-tracking sensor, which should be able help with tracking audio while walking.

The Converter costs £299 and is available in the Mac store.