Breitbart News has the scoop that Walmart has teamed up with WalMart Stores to offer a new website that will give you the ability to pay online for goods and services at Walmart stores.

The site, called WalMart Online, will give people the option to make a purchase online and pay for goods directly through their credit card.

The website is currently in beta and will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

The new WalMart online site has been set up in the same building as the one that sells products for Walmart’s retail stores. 

“The WalMart website offers a convenient online shopping experience with an unparalleled selection of more than 1,500 Walmart branded products and services,” the site’s website states.

“All WalMart products and the Walmart merchandise that you buy online are backed by Walmart’s 24/7 customer service team.

The WalMart store experience will remain the same, but customers will be able to choose from a number of shopping experiences, including online shopping, cashback, loyalty programs, gift cards, and more.” 

“Walmart Online” offers shoppers the option of purchasing products and merchandise directly from Walmart and through its store associates, including in-store pickup. 

The site also states that the website will not require credit cards or a PayPal account, nor will it accept cash, checks, or other payments. 

As for the product selection, Walmart is offering a selection of merchandise, including groceries, clothing, and other essential goods, as well as apparel, home goods, and home-related items.

The company is also offering a range of merchandise on its online store, including toys, books, furniture, accessories, electronics, and toys. 

Walmart also says that the new site will provide a more streamlined shopping experience and offer a better selection of Walmart branded goods. 

In a press release, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon called the new Walmart website a “great way to help people save money.” 

WalMart’s new online shopping service comes as WalMart is also expanding its store experience. 

A report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Walmart is planning to add 2,000 stores in 2020, bringing the company’s total to more than 15,000 outlets nationwide. 

This news comes after Walmart was slammed for its decision to close all its stores in January 2020, a decision that caused a huge backlash from customers and workers.

Walmart has now reportedly reopened at least two stores in Atlanta, one in Chicago and another in Minneapolis.

Walmart also announced plans to open more than 2,100 stores across the United States in 2019. 

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]