What the world will hear in the final two minutes of Super Bowl XLIX — the NFL’s official reaction

The Super Bowl is upon us.

And while we’re watching, the NFL has an announcement to make: Super Bowl LI will be the official response to President Trump.

The announcement will be made during halftime of the game at 8 p.m.


In fact, it’s actually quite the opposite of what you might expect: the NFL is saying nothing, except to say it wants to make sure people are able to hear it.

It’s not that the league is not planning on talking about the President’s tweets — the commissioner of the NFL says that it’s not.

NFL officials have been working around the clock to prepare for the game and the fact that the president is not playing is something that is being taken into account, NFL vice president of communications Greg Aiello said.

“We’re working hard to ensure that people who might not be able to be heard at the Super Bowl can be heard in the moment,” Aiellosaid.

The NFL is going to be very open, very open and very direct.

And you’re going to see that, and it’s something that’s been on the table, that the NFL leadership and the league are very proud of.

The White House and Trump were in agreement on one thing — that this is the biggest game in the world.

There are plenty of people who were there last year, including President Trump, who were very upset about the response to the protests and the lack of security.

There were also a lot of people that weren’t happy with the outcome of the election.

In a recent interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Trump called the protests a “disgrace.”

“They were protesting against the fact, what I think, the biggest election mistake in my lifetime,” Trump said.

“They were going to lose the election, which I thought was a disgrace.

But they didn’t.”

Aiello did not elaborate on what Trump meant by “biggest election mistake.”