Bigger than Life.





The world is on fire.

We can’t wait for it to cool off and burn up.

The next big thing is on the horizon.

What if a machine had created it?

The question is, could it create the future we all want to see?

The answer is no.

“I think the answer is yes, but it would have to be pretty powerful.

And I’m not saying that the machines we think of are super-powerful or even anything close to that.

I think they’re just really, really stupid and stupidly stupid.

I mean, what the hell is a human being capable of?”

A human being is not a machine.

In a world with infinite resources and a singularity that would allow for infinite, rapid, rapid growth, the answer would probably be yes.

However, the world is still evolving.

The pace of change is changing.

The future we are in is not one we can control.

We are all shaped by it, and if we are not vigilant, we will become like it.

How do you create the next BIG thing?

The first question that comes to mind is what will it look like?

How will it operate?

The future of our lives depends on how we build it.