When you’re in a room with hundreds of people listening to a podcast or a new music album, it can be hard to choose your own playlist.

SoundCloud is the place where you can set your own rules and set your playlist.

With this new update, SoundCloud has introduced a new feature that lets you control which songs you listen to, which artists you listen too, and what your favorite music artists are playing.

Here’s how.


The new SoundCloud2.0 feature lets you set your favorites.

You can add a favorite song to your favorites list.

Soundcloud 2.5 users can now create their own personalized playlists, and choose from a wide range of music genres, including country, folk, rock, pop, country, hip-hop, and more.

The music you like most will be displayed in your favorites and you can then add more songs to your playlists by adding them to your favorite list.

When you add new songs, the new playlist automatically appears in the top right corner of your screen.

Sound Cloud also has a new playlist manager where you’ll be able to add and edit playlists on a personal level.


Add music to your playlist automatically.

Once you’ve created your own playlists you can now add your favorite songs and artists to your music and watchlists automatically.

This is great for people who have their own personal music preferences, as it allows you to keep track of your favorite artists.

To add a song, tap the “Add a song” button and then tap “Add song.”

To add an artist, tap “Edit Artist.”

The new “Add” button will appear at the bottom of the playlist manager.

Tap the “Play” button to start playing a song or artist from the artist list.

The “Start” button in the playlist will automatically start the song or song artist.

To skip to the end of the list, tap back to the playlist or playlists screen.

To view your playlist in full, tap on “More Info” in the middle of the screen.

You’ll be given access to more detailed information about each artist and the music you listen.

If you want to change the song’s genre, you can do so in the “Artist” section of the “Change genre” screen.

When adding a song to a playlist, the artist, artist’s genre and the title will appear next to the song.


Music recommendations can be personalized.

If the artist you’re listening to has a playlist that includes songs from their favorite artists, the app will recommend the song to you based on the genre of the songs you’ve listened to.

If a song has a genre of rock or pop, for example, the music recommendation will suggest a song for you based off the genre.

The app will also display other artists and songs that have similar genres.

When creating a new playlist, you’ll also see a list of recommended artists and playlists that match the genre and artist you’ve selected.

This feature can be useful if you’re looking for an artist you like to listen to and want to create your own personalized playlist.

The recommendations will also include your own genre and song titles.

The next time you start listening to an artist’s or artist’s song, you won’t have to remember which genre and artists you’ve already listened to before.


The ability to skip tracks.

If an artist or song you’ve previously listened to has stopped playing, you’ve the ability to quickly skip to a different track.

You also have the option to pause the current song and skip to another song in that genre.

You won’t be able as quickly to skip between genres and artists in the same playlist, however.


New playlist manager lets you quickly add songs to favorites.

If your playlist already includes songs you want added to it, you just have to tap the new “Playlist” button.

The playlist will now open in a new window and you’ll have access to all the songs in your play list.

To quickly add new music to a favorite, you simply tap the “+” icon next to a song you’d like to add to your album or playlist.

Once a song is added to your list, you may also tap the green “Add to Favorites” button at the top of the playlists list.


Easily share music on your timeline.

The latest version of SoundCloud features a new, easier way to share music from your music collection with friends and family members.

Now, when you’re on your favorite playlist, you will see an “Add friends” button, and you may easily add a friend’s or family member’s playlists to your collection.

You simply tap on the “+,” icon next and then choose the “Share” option.

When sharing a song on your own timeline, you’re automatically sent to the playlist manager.


Easier sharing.

You may now share playlists directly from your timeline on any iOS device.

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