Google is adding its own music app to its Mixcloud music service, following the launch of a similar service earlier this year.

Google Play is a free-to-use music service that lets users play music through their devices.

Mixcloud is Google’s version of Spotify, which has more than 30 million active users.

The service is a mix of paid and free apps, but it doesn’t have a paid music library.

It also doesn’t include support for streaming music.

MixCloud allows users to add music to playlists and albums.

It’s not clear when Mixcloud will launch in the United States, but the service was initially available only in Europe.

Google’s Music app was launched in 2017 and offers a selection of curated music from artists like Jay-Z and Beyonce, along with a wide variety of other artists.

Google is also working on a new music app that will be available in 2018, but hasn’t announced when.